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    M A R V E L

    // Accessing Terminal
    // Viewing File: Rules


    -a. While this probably goes without saying, treating other players and Admins/GMs with respect is something that should always be practiced. Treat the player themselves (their character notwithstanding) the same way you would like to be treated yourself.

    -b. Any roleplay that involves nudity or adult-themed content (eg. sex) must remain in privately-owned rentals, and in designated ADULT ONLY areas on the sim, for example the Mermaid Lounge strip club. If you are unsure as to what is allowed, ask a member of sim staff. NO UNDERAGE CHARACTERS OR CHARACTERS THAT LOOK UNDERAGE ARE PERMITTED IN ADULT DESIGNATED AREAS. This includes areas such as the strip club as well as private rentals where adult roleplay is occurring. Violations of this policy will result in harsh measures taken, usually a ban. Ageplay is strictly forbidden and will result in an instant ban from the sim. Rape is also absolutely forbidden.

    -c. If you feel you are being harassed by another player, you must tell that other play to stop and use the word stop. If the player persists after you say stop, it is harassment. Harassment claims where the complainant does not ask the other to stop first will not be investigated.

    -d. If you have a complaint about the sim or another player, take it first to an Admin. If you have a complaint about an Admin/GM, take it to the Sim Owner (Jessi Easterman) directly. You can also use our online complaint form (located here) to submit a complaint (option for submitting anonymously is available).

    [2]-[OOC COURTESY]

    -a. Please refrain from excessive OOC speaking and actions. Being an OOC observer is fine, but remember, you don't exist. This is an RPG sim, and there are people trying to roleplay.

    -b. Please use brackets - [ ], { }, ( ), (( )) - for all OOC speak.

    -c. Annoying or loud gestures are not allowed. Gesture spamming will result in a warning. Continuance will be considered griefing.

    -d. If your avatar is considered to be out of character, uncanon, or is disrupting RP (i.e. a Koolaid avatar) you may be asked to remove it.

    -e. Group chat is like thanksgiving dinner with your extended family. No (real-world) politics, no religion. If you want to discuss these subjects, do so in IMs.

    -f. Do not enter private rentals without an invitation from the renter (rented businesses on the street level of the sim are an exception to this).


    -a. Marvel: CS is the official combat system used in the sim, and must be worn while role playing.

    -b. Free-Form RP in combat is optional when all involved parties consent to its use. Marvel: CS is otherwise the default.

    -c. Players may not alter their attributes between scenes or during combat. What is represented on your character sheet is what you must stick with.

    -d. Anyone caught falsifying logs to turn into the Log/Token Terminal will be suspended and stripped of level. Repeat offenders will be banned.

    -e. Defeat through the Marvel: CS places you into a wounded state for 4 RL hours. You may not partake in combat during this period.

    -f. When engaging in group combat, the attackers' combined levels must not exceed the combined levels of the defenders by more than double unless the defender consents to being more greatly outnumbered (e.g., two level 10 players could gang up on a single level 10 player, but they could not do so to a level 5 player). This does not apply to one-on-one fights. In an instance of combat within a faction base, the faction to which the base belongs are always considered to be the defending side.

    -g. Once a fight has begun, people within chat range have one round (one rotation of each fighter's turns) to join in, or be locked out of the combat. People who have not been in the scene at all are locked out of the scene until after combat has been resolved, unless all combatants agree to add them. If both sides agree to allow someone late into the combat, the latercomer must wait two turns of combat before entering (this restriction can also be overridden by consent of all involved). This does not apply to the defense of a faction base unless ruled otherwise by an Admin on site. For events, late arrivals are handled at Admin discretion.


    -a. We encourage the play of original/created characters here. Original characters do not require any form of approval. You may simply slap on a HUD, set up a character sheet and join the fun. Players are allowed to stylize their character's looks and/or powers after canons and canon archetypes, but may not just blatantly rip off a canon in name/looks/etc.

    -b. CANON characters must be applied for using the applications provided in the HERE. Applications will undergo a short review period by the Admins/GMs and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Players with canons must maintain a reasonable amount of activity in the sim as that character to retain the role, or the character may be recast. Players cast as canon characters who receive suspensions in excess of 24 hours will have their role revoked, and may reapply later.

    -c. Original characters may not be directly related to a canon character without first receiving Admin/GM approval.

    -d. We do not allow characters or avatars resembling 12 years old or younger. Your character must be at least a teenager. In the case of canon characters that are younger, this is subject to admin approval. If your character is under the age of 18, you must have your character's age in your titler.

    -e. CANON characters are subject to being revoked after a period of inactivity of 2 weeks (unless the absence has a worthwhile explanation, and has been pre-approved by an Admin).

    -f. While we allow people to make use of alternate accounts, in order to retain the same level as your main account for those character, you must notate that the account is an alt and who it is an alt of to the sim staff, as well as on your character sheet. You may only have TWO Canon characters however (one of which MUST be a Villain), including on alts. If you attempt to play multiple canons with secret alts, you will lose all canon roles and have to reapply.

    [6]-[ROLE PLAYING]

    -a. Using OOC knowledge over someone's character to your benefit ICly is metagaming. Don't do that.

    -b. No switching characters in the middle of a scene/battle. You must first leave before returning as another character.

    -c. When wounding a character do not do anything which will cause permanent damage without first obtaining consent.

    -d. Player-Killing is strictly forbidden without consent.

    -e. "Infiltration"-type roleplay requires OOC knowledge of the nature of the RP from both parties, as well as Admin oversight.

    -f. 'Captured' or imprisoned characters may claim escape after 4 consecutive hours without being role played with.


    -a. Deliberate use of prims, particles, scripts, gestures, gadgets, or general idiocy to purposefully harass, annoy, obstruct or offend others is strictly forbidden. Any alleged use of spam objects, orbit, trap or push weapons, offensive imagery or excessive particles will be investigated immediately and the perpetrators will be warned and possibly banned from the sim depending on the severity of the grievance.

    -b. Spamming others with unwanted pictures or objects is another form of harassment.

    -c. Do not take the law into your own hands. Seriously, just raise an Admin/GM and we'll handle the problem.


    -a. Vehicles (cars, helicopters, space ships, etc) are allowed, but we do ask that players pick up after themselves. Don't leave your prims just lying out unless they're accounted for in your rental.


    -a. The Admins are the folks that built, scripted and pay for the place. They are the de-facto power in the sim and all matters of administration, building, scripting, disciplinary arbitration & application review fall in their domain. Treat them with respect and they'll do the same to you.

    -b. GMs have been specially selected for their passion to the RP and their ability to orchestrate events/attractions in support of the sim. Their job also includes helping players and generating RP. They are oftentimes asked to assist the Admins in application review and management decisions.

    -c. Impersonating an Admin/GM is a punishable offense.

    -d. Muting an Admin/GM interferes in their abilities to run RP and carry out their duties, and is not permitted. If there is an issue between you and a member of the sim staff, please submit a proper complaint through the correct channels (through an uninvolved Admin).


    -a. The sim follows a three strike process for handling violation of the sim rules.
    - First Offense: Warning
    - Second Offense: Suspension (duration based on severity of infraction)
    - Third Offense: Indefinite Ban

    -b. Banned players may submit a ban appeal to the Admins for review.
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